What if finding a husband meant losing her freedom?

​​​​Maydeline Shadow dreamed of adventures on the Five Seas, certainly not settling in the Northern Kingdom with any of her mother’s choice of suitors. But when her family’s secret is exposed, Maylie is forced by old rules to find a husband.

​Taking matters into her own hands, she flees her colony and is thrust into an unknown world of magic, mermaids, and marauders with new and foreign rules. She must not only discover her own mystical abilities, but a wicked ploy to destroy her family.

If she chooses the wrong man, she could lose it all.

Book 1 of the Kingdom Isles series
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Before Maylie embarked on adventure, her mother had one of her own. 

Emilia wanted a simple and peaceful life in the Northern Kingdom, but when her father is killed in a losing war, her mother is forced to remarry a Middle Kingdom man as part of a treaty. In the blink of a teary eye, Emilia is shipped to the colony her kingdom couldn’t reclaim and forced into a family with a witch of a stepsister.

When death lurks in every shadow, marauders kidnap her for ransom, and magic and mermaids threaten to lead her away from the Divine, Emilia must hold firm to faith and love if she’s to survive this wicked world.

The Mermaid’s Shadow is the second book in The Kingdom Isles series intended to be read after Book One, The Lightning Bride.​

A Kingdom Isles Novella
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Some secrets are clawing out of their cages.

For all his life, Ferryn Haelyn believed he killed his mother simply by being born. Tired of his father's guilt and favor toward Elias, his adoptive brother, he stole a fishing vessel with his first mate and took up the only life he's ever known: piracy.

Eight years later, Ferryn sails the kingdoms and begins to unravel what was hidden. Though his father and Elias stand in his way, he takes strides toward uncovering more about the mother he never knew.

The truth will set him free, but can he pay the silver price?

Book 2 of the Kingdom Isles series
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Why would a flower fall for a pirate?

Barnabas Haelyn is notorious for getting gold, glory, and girls in all five kingdoms. But when the one he wants doesn’t want him back, he might have to change his infamous ways.

Johana Calavetti knows there’s something more than life in her secluded village. When a marauder arrives on her island, she sees a chance for the adventure her heart craves.

Tasked to be his guardian, she learns desire has a cost as an ancient sanctuary gets brought to light. She’ll have to make a choice between her people’s faith and her own.

The Wizard’s Goddess is a prequel novella in The Kingdom Isles series intended to be read after Book 2, The Golden Wolf.

A Kingdom Isles novella
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Blood runs thicker on the water...

After the events that shook his family ten years ago, Rynn takes up his father’s sword to seek justice. Forced to keep his demons caged, he must face his fears if he doesn’t want to become the villain.

Callie radiates light with every smile, but there is a shadow behind her eyes. Struggling to shine when the Domain around her crumbles, she learns more about the nature of her power and strength needed to bloom.

When war sweeps the isles, the scattered crew must unite against a powerful enemy and find the weapon to take him down. But as the battle rages on, borderlines blur to who the monsters really are.

To save their family, they must free themselves.

Book 3 of The Kingdom Isles series
Coming 2022!

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