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As an Indie author myself, it's good to support my fellows. Check out two awesome Indie books that I read in 2020!

D. M. Sonntag

1/10/2021 2 min read

One of my New Year's resolutions for 2021 is to only read Indie. Here are my reviews for two of the great Indie books I read in 2020.

Argent Blade by Luke Courtney

From the first chapter to the last, I was thrown into intense and vividly descriptive action. I’m not going to lie, books with a modern day setting and demonic cults aren’t my cup of tea, but the excellent writing and intriguing plot kept me drinking it in and often on the edge of my seat. I could see every character and creature in detail, and as a writer myself who struggles with fight sequences, I loved reading every incredibly illustrative and enthralling battle. Not only did they fully immerse me into the novel but also inspired me to write scenes just as riveting. I highly enjoyed the characters, especially two who I hoped would get together and cheered when they did. The romance wasn’t forced but natural with subtle hints until the puzzle was complete. Those who enjoy things like Assassins Creed, Constantine, or Underworld will love this book. Overall, fantastic story!

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The Soul of the Sun by Genevieve Crownson

It took me a little bit to get into this, as I’m not a big fan of jumping around time in books, but soon I was hooked and later understood that this perfectly conveys one of the concepts of the story. I loved the Soul of the Sun idea and found it so unique and intriguing, excited to learn more about it along with the characters. As a South Carolina resident, I loved reading about the familiar setting, though readers not from the area will feel like they’ve lived there all their lives with the main characters. This book has the classic good versus evil, chosen one must learn their power the bad guy wants, which can come off cliché to some but there is much more to that. The story keeps you guessing on who that chosen one actually is. I found a few parts rushed or choppy, but near the end I couldn’t stop reading as things tied together that I didn’t think would. The ending for sure left me wanting more and I can’t wait to read what happens in the next book!

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